Group Agreements for YogaLoni Offerings
My offerings (classes, workshops, retreats) are rooted in the values of accessibility and inclusivity. I facilitate from the lens of trauma-informed and anti-oppressive practice. With this in mind, I take the view that we all share responsibility for upholding these values and creating a safe enough space for everyone to get the most out of their yoga practice. When you book, you will be ask to read and confirm your consent to these agreements before coming along (hard copies can be made available if needed). The intention is these agreements are co-created and collaborative so any feedback/reflections are always welcome!  
By attending class with me, you agree to the following: 
1. An invitation, it is your practice. Everything on offer is always optional and I will always offer a range of options for you to feel into what works best for your body on that day. You are welcome just you are and to be guided first and foremost by what your body needs, my facilitation is a guide. 
2. Speak to me. If you have any specific injuries, health conditions, accessibility needs or concerns. You can either email me outside of class, or come to class earlier to chat. 
3. Respecting your fellow practitioners by not disrupting their practice or space: clearing the space, moving your belongings to the edges of the room, phones off/silent and to the side, minimal noise if needing to leave to use the toilet/take some space etc. 
4. Queer friendly. As a queer & non-binary facilitator, it is important to me that we all do our best not to make assumptions around gender and to ask for and use one another correct pronouns. I commit to using gender neutral language in my teaching. 
5. Anti-oppressive practice. You come with an openness to learning, to be amongst difference and be prepared to sometimes sit with discomfort or compassionate challenge.
6. Check ins. There may be moments to connect with your fellow practitioners with facilitated check-ins at the beginning of class.
7. What practices to expect. Expect asana (physical postures) as well as breath work, mantra, yoga philosophy, mudra (hand gestures) and yoga nidra (extended relaxation). 
8. Use of instruments. I will sometimes use instruments such as chimes, singing bowls, harmonium. 
9. Consensual hands-on teaching. I sometimes use touch in my teaching - I will always ask for consent (using consent cards) and can offer verbal cues just as well when touch is not wanted. 
10. Music. I tend to teach with music playing the background. 
11. Equipment. Please bring your own mat & blanket (and any props if you wish). I offer a limited number of props in my class. 
12. Timing. I will do my best to keep to timings. If we start late, I will re-balance this with finishing later.
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