Yoga Nidra ~ Rest to Reawaken 
Yoga Nidra ~ Rest to Reawaken
the last Friday of every month (in person & online)
7.30-8.30pm | Space238
Do you know the bit at the end of a yoga class where you get to lie down? On the last Friday of every month, we get to do that for the whole session. 
The magical practice of Yoga Nidra generally referred to as 'yogic sleep’, invites you into a liminal space between an awakened and sleeping state, which has the potential to reawaken your innate capacity for deep healing and creativity.
My words will invite you to journey into your inner world and connect with all that is arising, all that is awake in your awareness as your body rests. There is nothing to 'do' and there is no way to get it wrong - it is your practice and you are invited to simply be, just as you are. 
Starting with some gentle movement and/or pranayama, we will then take plenty of time to set ourselves up to get super comfortable with all the props, blankets and jumpers we need, before diving into a yoga nidra specifically tailored to each session & the time of the year.
2021 dates:
31st December 5-6pm on this day only
2022 dates: 
28th January | 25th February |25th March
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